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Company Law - Judgement
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Bhavinchandra Champaklal Kansara vs Rolta India Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 285833]
CLB 2004
Rabindra Nath Banerjee vs Certificate Officer SICA-Suspension of legal proceedings-Legal proceedings for realisation of gratuity amount could not be suspended by invoking provisions of s.22 of the Sick Industrial Companies (Special P [LexDoc Id : 283668]
HC (Calcutta) 2004
Late Narendrasinhji Jagatsinh-Ji Vaghela Likodara vs OL [LexDoc Id : 261973]
Gujarat HC 2004
K.K. Parmar vs OL [LexDoc Id : 261972]
HC (Gujarat) 2004
Shivmoni Steel Tubes Employees Association In re [LexDoc Id : 281992]
HC (Karnataka) 2004
ICICI Bank Ltd. vs Coventry Coil-O-Matic Ltd. and Ors. Jurisdiction of DRT-Recovery of debt, General law of contract-The Debt Recovery Tribunal could adjudicate only on matters that pertained to the recovery of a debt. It could not adjudicate on a suit filed for decl [LexDoc Id : 290993]
HC (Calcutta) 2004
J.Satyanarayan vs Purasawakum Permanent Fund Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 261759]
CLB 2004
Vimal C. Sodhani vs Parag Fans and Cooling System Ltd. and Anr. Winding up petition-Defective Power of Attorney-The winding up petition filed by the petitionerís constituted attorney was dismissed as the Power of Attorney (POA) held by the constituted attorney d [LexDoc Id : 286727]
HC (Madhya Pradesh) 2004
Rank Industries Ltd. and Ors. vs ROC and Anr. Offences and Prosecution-Failure to return subscription money, Limitation for filing complaint-The petition under s. 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 to quash the complaint on grounds of limitation was dismissed. The complaint was file [LexDoc Id : 315124]
HC (Andhra Pradesh) 2004
G. Haranadh vs Laxmi Durga Paper Products (India) Ltd. and Ors. [LexDoc Id : 280590]
CLB 2004
Abhay Goyal vs Wizard Biotech (P.) Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 262942]
HC (Rajasthan) 2004
L N Rawat and Ors. vs R T Udyog (P) Ltd. and Ors. [LexDoc Id : 284350]
Delhi HC 2004
Laxmi Narayan Rawat and Ors. vs R.T. Udyog (P) Ltd. and Ors. [LexDoc Id : 282349]
CLB 2004
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. vs Apollo Trade Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 240085]
Bombay HC 2004
Amin Merchant vs Bipin M. Gandhi and Anr. Validity of a speaking award-No scrutiny by court-A court could not scrutinize an award passed by a single arbitrator to determine the validity of the award passed by the appellate bench. An award pas [LexDoc Id : 304855]
HC (Bombay) 2004
Rajeev Kwatra vs Sunil Khanna [LexDoc Id : 262182]
CLB 2004
Tatineni Venkata Krishna Rao vs K.C.P. Sugar and Industries Corpn. Ltd. and Anr. Termination of employment-No right to stay within company quarters-A workman had no right to continue staying at company quarters after termination of his employment on account of his participation in an illegal strik [LexDoc Id : 302107]
HC (Andhra Pradesh) 2004
Punalur Paper Mills Ltd vs ACIT [LexDoc Id : 261657]
Kerala HC 2004
Barangar Jute Factory Plc. vs Laxmi Narayan Taparia [LexDoc Id : 261852]
Calcutta HC 2004
High Court of Gujarat and Anr. vs C.G. Sharma [LexDoc Id : 279467]
SC 2004
Jindal Photo Ltd., Bhimtal In re [LexDoc Id : 237951]
HC (Uttarakhand) 2004
Vijaya Finance Corpn. Ltd. and Anr. vs Peerless General Finance and Investment Co. Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 288490]
CLB 2004
Kushi Exports (P) Ltd. and Ors. vs State of Gujarat and Anr. Criminal proceedings-Dissolution of company-The criminal proceedings initiated against the company were quashed, as after dissolution of the company and removal of its name from the Register of [LexDoc Id : 291480]
HC (Gujarat) 2004
National Research Development Corpn. vs Electro Flux (P) Ltd. [LexDoc Id : 280483]
Andhra Pradesh HC 2004
S. Mangalam Srinivasan vs Mani Forgings (P) Ltd and Ors. [LexDoc Id : 284865]
CLB 2004
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